Strategies That Fit Emerging Markets: An Analysis of the Indian Retail Bandwagon in comparison to that of China

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This study will give the analysis & insights of the different marketing strategies adopted by India in comparison to that of China and how these strategies impact the Growth of Retail in both these countries. This study will enable the business men from New Zealand interested in doing retail business in highly growing retail industries of China and India.


The major imperialist countries and their principle ideological apologists have invented a new political language and introduced new concepts to disguise the nature and the operation of their pursuit of global domination. Unfortunately, many writers such as Ahmed (1999), Arnold (1998), Batra (1999), Chang (1998), Dawart (1999), Kohli (1999) have accepted the new terminology and worst have echoed its claims. Most of study will talk about the Economic growth in China & India has been dramatic in the past decade. Batra (1999, 35) mentions that rapid efforts to modernise its economy have resulted in high GDP increases.
Consumer goods companies have already established themselves with success in India; there is huge potential for future development as the country modernises. Whereas National and regional brands are still extremely strong, and multinationals have to be aware of the extent to which they need to adapt their products and marketing to the Chinese consumer. (Neupert, 1997)
With a population of more than one billion hungry for better infrastructure and more consumer goods, China is the biggest single business opportunity that exists today. ...
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