Sexual Harassment and Organizational Behavior

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Sexual harassment and organizational behavior go hand in hand in determining the social, cultural and financial success in an organization. By definition, organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge on how individuals, groups and all people interact in an organization1 while, sexual harassment is any unwelcome attention being of sexual nature that is directed to an individual.


Creation of these elements depends on the organizational setting and the people involved in day to day running of the company. These people include; watchmen, secretaries, salesmen, supervisors, managers, firm owners, directors among others. All of them form the organizational structure and its behavior depends on their individual behaviors.
The basis of this model is that it provides power and authority to the organizations' management to punish errant members of its organization. Employees are inclined towards obedience and looking unto the boss for advice and direction.
Any unwelcome conduct or contact that touches on sexual privacy is sexual harassment.3 It affects both men and women although the latter are frequent victims. The following are incidences considered to be sexual harassment.
Not every employee in the organization smokes or rather take cigarette in their daily life as a form of pleasure. Smoking as is widely known is harmful to not only the healthy of the smoker but also the person inhaling the smoke from the cigarette.
This group of people are demeaning and demanding in nature. ...
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