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Assessment Performa

The paragraph surrounding that diagram looks a little sloppy; it should perhaps have been on the left side. But that does not at all weaken the context of your paper. The paper had a good format and was very well written; there were a few times when the sentences were a bit long and confusing. (i.e. from Permeability: "A study by Mason et al. (1997) of the correlation of the relative size of the fine sand fraction and reduction of permeability of a mixed beach showed that a medium sand content of 20% reduced the permeability of the shingle by 65% by filling the voids between the coarser particles.")
A well researched and informative paper. It addresses the topic of shoreline evolution's review. The chart provided concise yet qualitative data. It was well formatted as well: the subtitles narrowed and focused the paper to its objective.
However, the paper had some indented paragraphs and some paragraphs were without proper indention. This weakened the look and appeal of the paper overall. It should be taken into consideration that a paper should flow well so the reader can follow well with the structure of the paper. What made up for that was the attractive, yet informative, diagram of the Coastal Evolution Model. The information, abstract, conclusion and references were all very well maintained. ...
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Overall, the paper accurately addressed the topic Sediment Dynamics on Mixed Beaches. It was a thoroughly referenced paper, with many different sources-which validated the argument being made. Instead of focusing and narrowing one or two sources, you breached out to many different references, which is a very good thing…
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