U.S. Expansionism

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My name is Jackson J. Samuel; I was born in 1856 and lived with my parents and seven siblings on a farm in Texas. Currently, I am working as a teacher. I am married to Penelope, and we have three boys, James, Fred and Peter. …


U.S. Expansionism

My father, Jacob J Samuel, used to tell me stories about history of our beloved country. He explained how the US was superior to all the other countries in the region and we were right to take the lands away from the weaker nations because it was divinely ordained and also because President James Monroe had already made it clear to the European countries that they were to stay out of the hemisphere so that the United States would be able to take advantage of the far more inferior nations. I favor the war because I believe the United States is superior, it is the divine right of my country to seek expansion and I think that US imperialism is good.
Even though, the confederacy lost the civil war and my family and I still harbor bitterness about the whole affair, we are still rather patriotic. This year the press reports have shifted from reporting the happenings of the fighting going on, on the island, to the talk about the United States of America helping Cuba to move from being a colony to becoming a nation state and more importantly the treaty which Spain signed selling Puerto Rico and the Philippine islands to the United States for only twenty million dollars.
My father's favorite story was how Texas became part of the United States of America. He said that the Austin family started a war against the rest of Mexico and were helped by the US to become the Lonestar nation. ...
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