Community and Domestic Violence

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Gang violence has become a part of the American culture today. For most parents it is impossible to understand the ease with which their children can adopt and structure the rest of their lives on this trend. However, what many parents don't realize is that gang violence can be quickly and easily eliminated from any young child's mind if the ethics and training is correct.


Also, they should concentrate on building a family time which allows the entire family to sit together and talk. This bonding with the family will prevent the young child from needing comfort or guidance outside the house as it will be readily available at home.
Also, gang violence is presented as a romanticized idea in the youth culture today: songs, movies or books. Children are easily motivated to participate in an idea that is shown as being courageous. But, telling the child to stop listening to music or go to the movies will prove to be an unfruitful idea. Social scientists and criminologists have come to the conclusion that gang violence cannot be curbed through suppression.(Goldstein & Huff 1993) Instead, talk to the child of the cons of gang violence and emphasize the need to stay away from it. Thus, prevention and intervention will prove to be a far more successful communicator than force (Conley 1993).
A lot of gangs are created as a need for the individual to be recognized. The young child might see the gang as his way to achieve three minutes of fame. Parents must ensure that their child has his priorities set straight. He must be taught the difference between famous and infamous. ...
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