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Life in this century has come to be driven by technology and the increased revolution in information technology has seen increased provision of information through the internet. There has been development of search engines which assists the users to access the information that they want from the internet.


The website has become has become one of the most essential tool of any organization as it makes a strong impact as far as the image of the organization is concerned. Currently there are more that 970 million users of the internet in the world as hence one of the most important functions that the website can be used by any organization is for marketing. Thus internet marketing and e-commerce has become of the most recent business strategy for many organizations. This has come with the increased rate of globalization where the world has become a global village. Therefore a business threat has been strategizing to go international or even spread its wings in the domestic market needs to have a website as one of the most important component of its operating. (Pegasus, 2008)
The question that lingers in most of businesses is whether they have to spend millions of money building an attractive website and the answer is yes. Having an attractive website that can keep internets users browsing back to it is like having a record of the company in the yellow pages which is actually a past technology. ...
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