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Instructional Pacing

In the scenario provided for this assignment, the matter is further complicated by the addition of ELL students - those who are from other countries and who do not speak English as their native language. Such students often suffer from slow processing. Many educators often mistaken believe that slow instructional pacing better suites such students. However, ELL and other students with learning disabilities are capable of performing at a normal pace providing certain elements are included in pacing decisions.
"It has been shown that for most students with learningproblems, relatively fast-paced instruction is most useful (assuming they are familiar with the instructional routine" (Ylvisaker, 2006, p. 1). If the pace is too slow, students will lose interest and their attention will wander, making it even more difficult for ELL students. Students need to be actively engaged in the learning process so consideration should be given to making the lesson varied and engaging.
It will also be easier to avoid loss of interest and wandering attention if the class operated on a routine that all students are familiar with. Ylvisaker (2006) likens this to a video game. ...
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One of the most important factors in the classroom decision-making of educators is the speed at which information is presented and assessed. Activities that make the flow of information possible are called learning trials. Educators are continually changing from one learning trial - checking for required knowledge, presentation of new material, guided practice, review, and independent practice…
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