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Investigating Meaningful Teaching

3). In inclusive classrooms, students with disabilities attend a regular class part of the day with resource room and other support services provided in the regular class. This can be considered as partial inclusion. However, during the recent times, the concept of full inclusion has been steadily gaining acceptance. The concept of full inclusion "maintains that a child with disabilities - even severe disabilities such as profound mental retardation - should be placed in a regular classroom for most or all of the school day" (Ayres & Meyer as cited in Kearney, 1996, "What is full inclusion" section, para. 1). The proponents of inclusion rationalize this concept on several grounds. First and foremost, inclusion is a right of all students. Students with disabilities learn social skills from their normally developing peers. Disabled students benefit from friendships and social relationships with non-disabled students and vice versa. Inclusion allows friendships among diverse students and help children understand human differences (Price, Mayfield, McFadden & Marsh, 2000, Objectives section, para. 6).
Placement of a child in a self-contained classroom involves removing the child from the general school population to work in a small controlled setting with a spec ...
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Special education is a system of education that involves special procedures, techniques, equipment and materials of teaching and other specific interventions in suitable settings that help students with special needs attain self-sufficiency and thereby success not only in school but in the community and society at large…
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