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Relevant Areas to the Implementation of an Enterprise-Level Business System

These can be integrated into another method that focuses on milestones. Milestones and sub milestones should result in an enhanced or new function versus waiting until the entire project is implemented. These methods sway management not lose interest in the project because the level of excitement can be maintained, plus one can appreciate that the investment paying off earlier.
Because this is focused on an enterprise environment, it is possible that each department will need to be changed one at a time or, departments working closely together may need to be changed simultaneously. This is usually more apparent when using an implementation tool.
One popular tool for system implementation is Microsoft Project, an excellent program for an enterprise system or extended project. Milestones and sub milestones, mentioned in methods, are inherent in the application. Another way of using millstones is with metrics. Metrics are used to measure progress and estimate how long a project will take based on industry standard metrics for specific task.
Metrics are beneficial because they measure the effectiveness of the phases that have been implemented by starting with a baseline before any of the new components are implemented. Using metrics to measure the impact of given application will communicate the worthiness of the overall project.
If one is concerned that a project is not what she hoped or promised, it might be time to ju ...
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The final stage of implementing an enterprise business system is actually implementing it. This sounds simple enough, but in reality this can be the most difficult stage that requires thorough planning and attention to detail. Details include budget, needs of the users, and timing…
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