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The character I developed in those days is to be good to all whatever happens. Never turn your face to others. I could not exactly say who was my inspiration to this. But my parents, my brothers, my friends, my relatives all have a part in this either in a positive way or the other. Its not that we are only inspired by a good person what should be done. The real thing must be from a bad example what not to be done.
In that way even during those earlier stages of my life, when someone behaves rudely to me I know how it hurts me. So I used to think, if I behaved in the same way to someone else, he too will feel the same, will be hurt in the same way as I was hurt. So I stopped being harsh and started being good to all. I would say this quality of mine has carried me all through the life till now and it will in future too.
I have had many experiences in my life in which the people I trusted the most have betrayed me, have outdone me. But even in that stage I never said a word harsh to them. Instead I still felt them close to me, wished for their betterment. Many of my friends said am a fool to be still being good to the ones who are hurting me and they are taking advantage over me. But I believed this would change them and it did indeed. They realized their mistakes and I believe never again would they be against me. I believe that being good to those who hurt us is the best way to respond. ...Show more


Childhood, the most precious moments of my life has taught me so much. What I am now is what I have learnt in that period of my life. All my character, my behaviour, my attitude nothing developed in me suddenly. It had its roots in my childhood, slowly grew in me as I grew and now it stands as a huge strong tree…
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Childhood essay example
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