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Westminster in Oceania: A Samoan Perspective.

As long as time lasts, there will be many lessons to learn. The techniques necessary to stimulate learning among rustic tribes have de facto assumed importance in view of the difficulty felt by normal governments to maintain law and order and keep abreast with the volume and schedules of learning.

First of all, the culture has shifted from ancient tribal practices to modern methods, thanks to explorers who exploited the situation economically which proved costly to the internecine tribes who used modern weapons to establish their own hegemony by killing each other.

Generally, every tribesman willingly allows himself or herself to be led by those whom he or she implicitly trusts. Hence, it is necessary to have a syllabus ready, academically and spiritually, that satisfactorily attends the curious and inquisitive locals.

However, the high ideals of the aims and objectives fall short of resources required in the present day situations. If there are materials available to help the downtrodden local tribes, the project is not implemented satisfactorily. In the absence of a curriculum which is flexible to accept changes as and when they occur and simultaneously keep the tribal, below average performers in particular the issue of motivating hardened learners to do better will continue to be plagued with nonchalant pedagogy and equally disinterested priests. ...
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Westminster in Oceania: A Samoan Perspective.
The Samoan perspective is unique and relevant in cultures that have degenerated due to modern day advancements and progress at the cost of traditional culture and morals. The dilemma is significant. …
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