Olaudah Equiano's memoir

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Traditionally recognized as one of history's first slave narratives, Europeanized African Olaudah Equiano, also known as Gustavus Vassa lays before the public eye his own account of slavery and the slave trade in the 1700's.


Equiano sets his motive straight in the first pages of his narrative:In that passage, he subtly introduced that slavery is inhumane. Through the course of the novel, Equiano takes us to the journey of his life and gives us a vivid view of the state of slaves which he personally experienced and observed in his surroundings. He illustrates the slave trade wherein the abused underclasses are being treated as laboring beasts and mere objects of trade. Equiano presents the dissimilarity between the slave trade in Africa and the European system of slavery. In his native land, slaves are those who are being punished for social misdeeds or are captives of warfare. On the other hand, the Anglo-American system of slavery engages on the buying and selling of abducted Africans like the child Equiano and his sister.
Olaudah Equiano aims to establish the immoralities and injustices done to himself and his fellow Africans. His motive is to convince readers of the evil and injustice of slavery. Equiano struggles in his plight to acquire his freedom. It is also his intention to advocate freedom for his fellow slaves and to conclude the practice of slave trade. ...
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