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Mary Shelley, Frankenstein - Essay Example

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Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Little wonder that he was pushed down step by step into the abyss of hatred and murder.
Through the entire novel, he is given no name, and one is forced to call him a "monster" from the beginning to the end. Built from the body parts of various dead people, he is terrifying to look at even at the moment of creation, so much so that even Victor, his creator, is afraid of him and abandons him. Victor, who has been spoilt by his doting parents, does not understand that he has to take the responsibility for his actions, that he has to face the being, and is obliged to understand the hideous-looking new life he has created. He does so only very briefly, and that when it is too late, when his brother is already dead, more out of dread curiosity on whether the monster is his brother's slayer. His concern for the monster, admitted to himself for the first time, is an afterthought: "I had hitherto supposed him to be the murderer of my brother, and I eagerly sought a confirmation or denial of this opinion. For the first time, also, I felt what the duties of a creator towards his creature were, and that I ought to render him happy before I complained of his wickedness"( Chapter 10).
Victor does not accept his duty towards humanity by letting such a huge, powerful being of such a fearsome aspect roam free and unattended. The monster blunders into the world in pain, cold, miserable, hungry and clueless, through no fault of his own. His suffering knows no bounds, he is at the mercy of nature, with no idea on how to cope with his situation. This is how he describes his foray into the world to Victor, later in the course of the novel: "I was a poor, helpless, miserable wretch; I knew, and could distinguish, nothing; but feeling pain invade me on all sides, I sat down and wept". (Chapter 11)

But by the time he talks to Victor, he has murdered Victor's brother in a sort of warped vengeance, and his creator finds it difficult to respond to the appeals of sympathy, "Believe me, Frankenstein: I was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity: but am I not alone, miserably alone You, my creator, abhor me; what hope can I gather from your fellow-creatures, who owe me nothing they spurn and hate me" and the subsequent threats of dreadful consequences with any compassion. But not being in the position of Victor who has lost a brother and is unable to cope objectively either with his loss or his aversion to the beast-like figure he had given two years of his life to create, the reader is able to empathize with the monster's plight.

The reader encounters a pitiable creature, abject and pathetic. In the beginning, the monster is terrified of the villagers on being persecuted, and escapes with a readiness totally at odds with his great size and menacing appearance.: ".... but I had hardly placed my foot within the door, before the children shrieked, and one of the women fainted. The whole village was mused; some fled, some attacked me, until, grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons, I escaped to the open country, and fearfully took refuge in a low hovel...."(Chapter 11). What further moves the reader is the tenderness of the monster's first descriptions of the De Lacey family, where he displays a very human quality, even noble refinement and understanding:

It was a lovely sight, even to me, poor ...Show more


I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on".(Chapter 24, Walton's letter continued) This is how the monster sums up his situation at the end of the tale, the word "abortion" spelling out the rejection faced by an unwanted child, better dead than alive, which tormented him to acts of unspeakable cruelty…
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Mary Shelley, Frankenstein essay example
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