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Essay example - The study of Jeffrey Weeks

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Jeffrey Weeks is a historian and sociologist, one who specializes in the work of sexuality, and as well he is a gay activist. Jeffrey Weeks is the author of various different books, including Sexuality and its Discontents, Sex, Politics and Society, and Coming Out…

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Jeffrey Weeks has been a well known man for quite some time, and the beginning of this notoriety truly began once his literary works began to come out, as they were more open and more revealing than most others had ever been. His work discusses primarily the issues of homosexuality, however at the same time it discusses much more than that, as he is able to discuss such matters as homosexual identity, finding homosexual identity, the history of homosexual identity, homosexuality in politics, homosexuality and its influence on the world, and much more. He has been both praised and criticized for his work, but overall his work is taken on a most positive note, as it has not only explained and universalized many of the most important issues that are evident in the present day world, but as well it has led to the onset of not only present but future forms of research and contemplation in the areas of his work. In order to better understand Weeks, and in particular that of his contributions and his significance to the world overall, we must do several things. First, we must discuss more about Weeks and his life in general, and as well we must then discuss his relevance and how his approach and his contribution to theory building have been influential in general. ...
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