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Solution on how engineering text books could be made affordable to mechanical engineering students. - Essay Example

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Solution on how engineering text books could be made affordable to mechanical engineering students.

Amadallo D.1 argues that, "I could have performed much better than I am doing now if all or at least a good fraction of the text books I've always needed were made available. My grades are affected negatively by the fact that I do not have most of the recommended books". Asked to explain why this is so, the student claims that though the texts are available in the stores, the price tag on each is disappointing! The cry of this student reflects that of the many students taking the course in the many higher institutions of learning all over the world. There is need to find a solution to this "price tag" problem, so that we can be certain that the future mechanical engineers are trained appropriately as per the demands of their dynamic field.
Publishers of the mechanical engineering books on the other hand do not see any unjustifiable reasons for the high costs of the products; the books have higher production costs anyway, even in terms of quality production as compared to the other fields! The scope or range of material that a particular book customary includes and the contents, referring to the subjects or topics usually covered in any engineering book directly implies higher costs (D. W. King and C Tenopir.1999). ...
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Today, the cost of undertaking a mechanical engineering course is higher than ever before. This is evidenced by, among other factors, the large number and the high costs of the engineering text books that the student has to purchase to remain both in tune with the latest technological advancements, which are shifting very fast, and to ensure a retained competitiveness in class…
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Solution on how engineering text books could be made affordable to mechanical engineering students
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