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Assignment example - Planned Activity in Education

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High school
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Page 1, lines 1-2 : If you came up with the title yourself, it should read: Evaluate how the planned activity went and whether the role play supported the reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities of all the pupils including bilingual pupils
In a diverse and multilingual world, many young children find themselves in an environment where more than one language is used…

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Therefore, when a parent changes jobs and it involves moving to a different part of the world, there is linguistic demand on them and their children (Romaine, 1995).
During the first week, I observed the children in the role play area and offered guidance and assistance when needed. In the second week I joined the children in the role play area, initiating and supporting. Finally I introduced an old word processor in order to improve and extend the children's writing skills. Children could use this to type things such as prescriptions, appointment sheets and health advice and print them off. By adding props which support early writing, it allows the children to make early attempts at writing through play. By adding this word processor to the role play area it will "help set the scene" for the topic area. This allows the children to get involved and makes the role play area more "meaningful" to the activity (Cooke, 1997, p. 122).
On the first day, the teacher read a book called "A Day in the Life of a Doctor" to the whole class. ...
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