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International Relations College

Two such people are economist Amatya Sen and medical anthropologist Paul Farmer. Their experiences and observations regarding the state of the poor and deprived people today inspired the two authors to write and publish their works that they hope will enlighten the people of the world. Amatya Sen's composition is entitled 'Development as Freedom' while Farmer had 'Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor'. Both works reveal how deep the deterioration of society has reached.
In the two compositions, we hear of true life stories that detail how many of our kind are suffering and how some had their life cut short unnecessarily. Sen calls for social development as a way to give the people the freedom to develop their selves and contribute to the development of society in general. He emphasizes the need to pursue enhanced literacy, accessible and affordable health care, the empowerment of women, and the free flow of information because these are the ingredients which will ultimately deliver us the kind of development we envision.
In the course of his medical practice, Farmer came to know of the many tragedies afflicting other people. ...
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It is undeniable that many people in the world today are unable to obtain even the most basic of education due to poverty. This social phenomenon leads to a variety of complications such as being unable to obtain education, medicine and shelter. Many people in the world today suffer from malnutrition and even some die of hunger…
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