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Essay example - Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a widespread crime crisis here on earth. Which is an over-all problem encountered by young one as a victim of this hilarious problem. High authorities are finding solutions to eliminate this problem. Child abuse has many aspects. It's either physically, emotionally, sexually, and psychologically…

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We should not violate the rules. Breaking the law and ruining other's human rights will mean consequences. No one would ever want to be harmed, or neither experience pain and great depression or anxiety due to some reasons of failure and inferiority complex done by the people around this organism. Love is the only solution and only the cure and prevention to the bad products of abusing. But love seems to disappear on the way of these poor children.
According to a politician "children who are not loved and are not given emotional affections became adults who are fool of hatred". Once a child came to this kind of heartaches they do come to be like those who pulled his heart out. The Asahi Evening News reported that the rate of children being abused had increased than last year for about 30%. The experts are saying that more mother are carrying the whole responsibilities of rearing children and parenting, due to this kind of problem the children catches all the pain that made them be victims, aside from that issue the mass people don't cooperate well, they have the responsibility to report abuses that are happening on their community.
The Daily Yomiuri of Japan said that the death rate of children who are abused also increases due to some cases like; the child is left alone inside the house and some are stocked on a car. ...
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