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In what ways are new technologies opening up new spaces of identity for young people

In this dissertation we explore the different technological aspects which have gone far in facilitating people to open up new spaces of identity. In reality when we communicate with another person we do not get to know about their likes and dislikes and other features and it makes us almost impossible to select the right one. If the entire profile of the person is revealed as in and it gets very easy to communicate with the right person.
The technology has brought in powerful combination of Internet capabilities and web technologies that promotes creating such spaces over the internet in the form of online communities. There are several factors which promote the elasticity of the online communities and bring in more people to share information and make ones knowledge and resources available to the large section of people. 'Am a very busy person and literally had no time to check every company website to whom I applied for internship. was a global community which allowed posting of information meant for a community, I recently got a notification and it helped me to get a job'. (
1. Anticipated Reciprocity: A person is motivated to contribute valuable information to the group in the expectation that one will receive useful help and information in return. ...
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A person requires nothing but encouragement and appreciation which helps him/her kicking. (Carnegie, Dale) With this in thought, if the above two variables are applied globally then there is no person on earth who will not love to have visibility and known for something…
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