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Global Capitalism by Jeffery Frieden - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Report/Review
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In the book, "Global Capitalism" by Jeffery Frieden, it is apparent that globalization has worked for many people for many centuries. For example, a cow in a European country makes more than anyone. "Jeffrey Frieden, a Harvard professor specializing in international trade and finance, has written a masterly and comprehensive history of capitalism from 1870 to the present…

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Global Capitalism by Jeffery Frieden

(Labor more so in the first era.) During these years huge amounts of capital moved overseas to America, Canada, and Argentina mainly due to the reduced costs of communication and transportation. The technologies driving this globalization were the telegraph and railroads. It was also facilitated by the fact that most currencies were convertible to gold. The investment in the America was also followed by a huge immigrant population. In these years, America, Canada, and Argentina had much larger immigrant populations at the turn of the 20th century than today" (Global Capitalism). Furthermore, globalization does not need to be restructured to so that economics can work better and effectively for America as well as other countries despite its flaws.
Along with that, the book points that it is easy to gather that Americans want a future that has economic prosperity that will be more abundant. This is because the American life consists of material prosperity as much as in civil liberties or political democracy is an old on as the content of the book suggests. However, since the structure of globalization does not have to be reconstructed in order to work, America is what it is supposed to be.
"What, then is the American, this new man ... ...
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