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Essay example - Professional Resource Portfolio

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A professional portfolio is a thoughtful, organized, and continuous collection of a variety of authentic products that document a professional's progress, goals, efforts, attitudes, pedagogical practices, achievements, talents, interests, and development over time…

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Through the development of professional portfolios, prospective and practicing teaching professionals can document their development and reflections as educators and can showcase their knowledge, skills, and accomplishments.
There are various challenges in meeting the educational needs of students for their professional growth according to the managerial processes. In first phase a brief overview of educational perspectives on students and how they can define their management role in future (Bloom, L., 2005, 1-9). In second phase there is future educational opportunities for professional growth.
The subject of professional Resource portfolio for students, the proper planning is requires continuing their managerial role in future. There is a need of some proper strategies objectives, where all are considered equal, critics are reluctant to support special programming for students because of the fear and suspicion that intellectualism may lead to elitism (Dieker, L. A.2001, 22-36). On the other hand, there is the American ideal, most notably reflected in Brown, and the IDEA, of helping all to succeed and reach their full potential. As noted in this Article, this ambivalence is far from resolved. But there are some vital aspects have been highlighted for their professional growth (Dietz, M. E.2004).
The coaching profession has g ...
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