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Even a former CIA director and chief adviser to New York's Terrorism Preparedness Taskforce has described the conflict against Al-Qaeda as the 'fourth world war', and he predicts it will go on for decades. Thus 9/11 has resulted in not just a war on terrorism but also a war on Islamic fanaticism. (News, 2006)
It is said that 9/11 attacks raised the issue to attack Iraq with no satisfactory evidence for weapons of mass destruction and with no evidence of a clear link between Al Qaeda and the Iraqi government. In this, Al Qaeda has become a spectral entity; it is both everywhere and nowhere, and because it can function as an empty signifier it can condense every threat against the United States. (Diken & Laustsen, 2004)
Section 806 of the Patriot Act added a new provision to section 981 that is an obvious response to 9/11. Section 981 (a) (1) (G) authorizes forfeiture of all assets of anyone engaged in terrorism, any property affording any person a 'source of influence' over a terrorist organization, and any property derived from or used to commit a terrorist act. (Cassella, 2002)
Support for the establishment of an Interim Administration in Afghanistan committed to combating terrorism. ...
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Since 9/11, governments worldwide have worked hard to update their national agendas for the improvement of capabilities to fight terrorism and to initiate the implementation of such updates at the shortest possible notice. Following are some of the political consequences of 9/11:
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