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Problems with Genetic Manipulation - Essay Example

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To begin with a broad, overall criticism of this essay according to Aristotelian argument, this essay as a whole does not use ethos (moral competence) as an argument form. This can be substantiated through statements that, although persuasive at times, are simply not appealing to any sense of moral code…

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Problems with Genetic Manipulation

In Wood's society of predetermination through genetic alterations, no one has to take any measure of personal responsibility.
In the introduction of Better Living through Genetics, James Wood uses persuasive speech (logos) as well as a somewhat morally appealing argument (ethos) to convince the reader of the benefits of genetic engineering. An example of this is the sentence "Genetic analysis during in vitro ("test tube") fertilization enables couples to eliminate sickle cell anemia and a host of other diseases from their offspring.". What parent to be would not wish to ensure the healthiest of offspring There is certainly a sense of moral fiber behind wanting to make sure that one has healthy, disease free children. This statement is therefore supported by both logos and ethos. Logos is the part of Aristotelian argument that specifically deals with persuasive argument through speech.
As the essay continues, Wood tried to convince his readers of the boundless benefits of literally designing and predetermining their offspring in an almost Hitler like ideology. The statement that follows is an example of something one would assume came straight out of the holocaust ".Nevertheless, society will still have to protect itself from criminals. ...
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