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Non Invasive multislice CT Coronary angiography ( Case Study)

2009) have allowed enhanced temporal and spatial resolutions, the images from which could be further enhanced with the use of image reconstruction and analysis software (Gopal et al. 2009).
The diagnostic value of MDCTA is in the ability to diagnose small-volume plaque of soft consistency since in most cases (Manghat et al. 2005), since the acute coronary syndromes result from the rupture of these plaques (Manghat et al. 2005). Thus it remains to be investigated in the following case study about how these three parameters may lead to a specific protocol for imaging in the following case.
This is a case of a 56-year-old man who presented to the hospital with a history of chest pain suggesting crescendo angina pectoris for a duration of 48 hours. Previous ECG demonstrated labile changes with transient ST segment elevation that settled to deep anterior-inferior ST depression. Primary percutaneous intervention was futile since noslective injection of the cusp failed to detect the ostia of the right and left coronary arteries. An echocardiography done on the table suggested features of acute aortic root dissection indicated by a dilated aortic root. ...
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Even 10 years earlier, coronary computerized tomographic (CT) angiography was considered to be an emerging non-invasive technique for visualization of the coronary arterial tree (Chan et al. 2009). However, the recent advent of multidetector CT coronary angiography is acceptably a new non-invasive tool for routine imaging and evaluation of the coronary artery (Achenbach 2009)…
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