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Earhtquake lights

Yutaka Yasui, a Japanese seismologist for Kakioka Magnetic Observatory made his personal observations and documented 34 detailed accounts of EQL including 14 sketches and 10 photographs taken by residents in the Matashiro area. Later, Yasui concluded that 18 of the 34 detailed accounts could not be elucidate by known lighting activity like twilight, zodiacal light, auroras, meteors and other sources and the other 16 accounts cannot be considered natural phenomena (Wagner, 1978).
The appearances of these strange lights during and after an earthquake are also visible in other parts of the globe. In 1976, a stunning EQL activity covering several hundred of square kilometers was seen in mainland China. Many other recorded sightings in various parts of the world including Hawaii, Taiwan, Alaska, Soviet Union, and the United States.
Earthquake Lights or EQL are generally known as bright luminescence based near ground level or broad sky glows that cover areas up to several square kilometers and sometimes more (Wagner, 1978). ...
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Stories of strange lights in the skies believed to come into view during and after an earthquake. Earthquakes lights, known to researchers as EQL is one of natures most elusive and least understood phenomenon. The first recorded sighting of this strange light dates back to 373 BC in Greece but its existence was not accepted as fact until the first recorded scientific investigation in the 1930s and 60s…
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