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Social psychology stands apart among all other branches of psychological science. The combination of these two words itself is an indicator of the specific place of this science. Having emerged at the interface between two other sciences - sociology and psychology - social psychology still preserves its independent status.


People always strive for mastery, which means they try to comprehend and forecast events in the social world in order to obtain encouragement. They enjoy feeling experienced and effective and will do their best to obtain these feelings. And on the contrary they are likely to avoid situations that exclude obtaining them.
People are apt to seek connectedness, i.e. they look for support, love, and acceptance from those who surround them. Due to this groups they care about and value usually make people behave in a manner to liking from representatives of such groups.
People value "me and mine" that means they wish to see themselves - as well as other people and groups they like - in a positive light. It makes people collect and remember information in the support of this positive motivation, and neglect or simply miss information that proves the opposite (Smith and Mackie, 1995).
Each of these principles provides a number of effective tools that can be applied to nearly all spheres of human life to explain the interconnection between a wide variety of factors that influence behavior of an individual or a group. ...
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