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Glass Artist Josh Simpson

As a matter of fact, Cady carried one of his planets on Space Mission Columbia in 1995. Josh's New Mexico series are also well known. They consist of representations of the night sky in the desert - blue, black and gold hued - showing swirling galaxies and constellations. (Seekers Gallery Website)
As he himself states, Josh gets his inspiration from the medium - glass when heated to high temperatures moves fluidly like honey. It has a radiance and translucence, which he finds inspiring. But it's not merely artistic vision that Josh requires to produce this work. Scientific and technical precision (knowing the hows of working with glass and at what temperatures it can be manipulated) the ability to work in uncomfortable and potentially dangerous conditions (the high temperatures of the furnace and the danger of something blowing up) and even physical strength are required, as solid glass spheres are heavy. One of the heaviest planets that Josh has fashioned is 85 lbs, which, the Artist, in The Glass Talk Radio interview states is with a Commercial University. Another of his planets, weighing 50 lbs is displayed in the Yokohama Josh Simpson Sphere Museum. (Simpson Website:Video)
Josh has received a commission from the Corning Museum of Glass, New York, for a planet of 100 ...
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Josiah James Linsly Simpson, jr or Josh Simpson (born 1949) is an artist who produces marvels in glass spheres. Josh, educated in Kent School in Kent, Connecticut, later attended Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, between 1968 and 1973. It was during this period that he learned to blow glass…
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