Medication Errors (Nursing)

High school
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Medication errors account for a major factor in why healthcare can be hazardous to your health. If we, as nurses, do our part to observe basic rules we learned in school, many errors can be avoided. Care for your patients in the same way you would want someone to care for your loved ones.


5.Right Patient. Check the MD order and check the medication label. Now check the patient. Can you identify this patient Don't assume you know who the patient is, and NEVER go by room and bed number alone. Simple ways to ensure your patient's identity are to ask him for his name, date of birth, MD name.
The Queensland Health Department is committed to improving the quality and safety of patient care and it is hoped that these guidelines will assist health care workers to achieve a safer health service delivery environment. Health care workers are often faced with the dilemma of achieving a balance between maintaining a safe environment for patients, residents, staff and others and preventing another person from inflicting physical or psychological harm to themselves or others. At times, restraint appears to be the only option. In such circumstances, these guidelines will provide a step by step approach to assist clinicians in their decision-making about whether to apply a restraining device. These guidelines will be helpful to clinicians across all sectors of health care delivery. The guidelines have been developed by health care professionals in the fields of emergency medicine, mental health, aged care, education and hospital administration, and provide advice on the relevant legislative schemes, assessment and monitoring as well as documentation. ...
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