Dembski's "Intelligent Design"

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The essay "Intelligent Design" by W, Dembski analyzes and evaluates the role of human intelligence in object creation and intelligent cause. The author uses a question-answer structure of the discussion which helps Dembski appeal to readies and involve them in the analysis.


This account is not a description of the composition of the iron rod (which is actually a nexus) but an explanation of my taking over of the rod's feelings in a manner appropriate to my perspectival situation, for the eternal objects ingress into my feeling of the rod and not into the rod. In contributing to the determination of feelings, eternal objects thereby contribute to the structuring of the concrescence.
Dembski uses examples from current literature and theoretical studies in order to illustrate his opinion and prove his position. Dembski states that the full, determinate structure of the actual occasion is the goal of the subjective aim as it proceeds toward satisfaction. In this regard, some aspects of the world will be appropriated as relevant to this aim, and others will be neglected. At the same time, eternal objects are subject to a primordial valuation in God. Dembski comes to conclusion that this primordial ordering provides a background of limiting principles of potentiality against which concrescence is set. New occasions could never arise without some general, potential coordination of process. God's valuation of pure potentials, then, provides the basis of universal coherence in terms of physical laws that must be obeyed by the concrescence as part of its factual base. ...
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