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Essay example - Catcher In The Rye

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It would be an understatement to say that the novel under discussion was a wonderful read. It was much more than a wonderful read! It was a book that spoke to you, it had a story that made you think, it had a protagonist that looked you in the eye when he spoke the most outrageously honest realities of life without so much as a blink…

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It is my opinion that Holden Caulfield became such a universally loved fictional character simply because of his humanity - equally because of his faults and his sensitivity. Sensitivity, yes, as strange as it might sound, but Holden did possess an astute mind, a keen eye, an unadulterated understanding of human nature and at times betrayed a sensitivity towards others that he usually hid under layers of abrasiveness and insolence. This rudeness was a defense mechanism employed by Holden to intentionally protect himself from his fellow men. In order to reach a deeper understanding of Holden, it is imperative to analyze the reason behind his rudeness. It is my opinion that Holden usually brushed people off and never showed them his true inner feelings because he was afraid of opening up and making himself vulnerable to others. He understood that human beings were just as capable of hurting as they were of loving and he did not take a chance with any of his relationships simply because he dreaded being hurt by the ones he chose to love. After Holden's passage from childhood to maturity he became increasingly aware of the "phoniness" of the world around him and craved the innocence and purity of his childhood days. ...
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