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Industrial Relations

Australian Industrial Relations of collective bargaining outcomes have seen declines in reimbursements, and noteworthy changes in working time measures. Union density has dropped, as also has public sector employment. Systems of conciliation and arbitration have operated nationally within the states of Australia. Multi-employer bargaining systems resulted. Market deregulation generally has led to pressures for labor market deregulation, as Australia struggled to remain internationally competitive. This paper reviews the role of the state in Australian Industrial Relations.
Australian Industrial Relations of collective bargaining coverage too is falling, albeit under a quite different set of circumstances. Let us start with the obvious: Australia is a federation of states and territories. Nolan (1998) has provided a useful perspective of the Australian labor law reforms in the later half of the last decade of previous century. His concept was to undertake Australia as a federation and then state by state analyzing the status, of collective bargaining. Multi-employer awards, procured through conciliation and arbitration, at both federal and state level, were historically the primary forms of wage fixing. In 1990 such awards were estimated to cover some 5,652,200 employees - about 80 per cent of the labor force (McCarry, 1998). ...
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The labor market of Australia has been synchronized through role of the state in Australian Industrial Relations, since the early 1980s. Role of the state in Australian Industrial Relations generally has led to powerful pressure for greater labor market flexibility in the country…
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