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The Honors College is described as a community of scholars that enrich the educational experience and allow facultystudents of all disciplines to interact in t - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The Honors College is described as a community of scholars that enrich the educational experience and allow facultystudents of all disciplines to interact in t

As I studied further and entered the mini-medical school program my high school provided, I discovered how I could become empowered with the practical knowledge I would need to become an effective agent of positive change in my community by using my innate abilities combined with what I had learned in class. My uncle is a physician, and both of my parents are MRI technologists, therefore, medicine and the natural sciences is an obvious progression for me to continue on the family legacy.
Although I am on the honor roll, in the National Honor Society, the Math Honor Society, have taken several honors and advance placement classes, am a member of the Math Team, and am a Student Ambassador, I am also interested in other less academic endeavors. These include such things as football, wrestling, the Science-Outdoor Club, and the Chess Club. I also thoroughly enjoy the art of debate and am on the school Debate Team.
With my education, I hope to work for a medical organization or hospital that is committed to social justice and a sense of community. ...
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The many experiences I have had during my high school education have come to represent a period of metamorphosis for me, in which I underwent tremendous personal growth and development. I truly discovered my personal identity and ultimately discovered my passion, desiring that my future be in the field of medicine…
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