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Trying To Do The Impossible At GM - Essay Example

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In the past decades so many organizations laid foundation stone and provided different products and services, none of them is remembered unchanged from the time of initiation, so the change in an organization is a mandatory for keeping the products or services in the growth stage or maturity while avoiding them to appear in the decline stage, today one can see big organizations with big changes in their history, one can say that the change in an organization is like a new blood in it, and that is why most of us say that new blood is good for old organization, perhaps it can be in any form, particularly in the organizational culture which tends to change every on going activity itself.

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Trying To Do The Impossible At GM

The World War II played a vital role in moving the GM's ratings to the top as GM got the chance to serve the U.S. Army in terms of transportation. The company was always paying attention to the management side, where as others were busy in creating luxury without realizing the needs of the people. GM paid special attention to what most of the people in U.S. were ought to prefer, the company brought models catering the needs and wants of the people as well as the other sectors of the economy, but that was wy back in 50s.
GM not only ruled the automotive sector of the world but also the entire industrial sector of the world. Being the first company to cross the profit margin of $1 Billion, GM griped the market very well until the 1980s when its share started decreasing steadily. The simple reasons for that were the increased production costs and decreased product quality, it was that time when many new entrants competing GM got some hold on the market. ...
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