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Essay example - Strategic Plan (for school)

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1) Please read all the information below carefully and then tackle the sections that is highlighted in red only: (I) Introduction, (b) Problem identification (c) Mission, vision, and beliefs. (APA-formatted citations from scholarly sources, 700-words). I will do the rest of the paper I just need a strong and sound beginning…

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Within the context of the paper, be sure to address the following components:
In making a school prestigious in it's community, the principal, the teachers, and the staffs would provide and give their all in achieving this goal. It may take time, but as long as there is a will, ways will be available. In the past, where a basic degree was considered a rarity, it has now basically become a necessity, and it is to this degree that we shall find our students reaching standards greater than this. Even as we speak, the world is demanding more, and we find the need to meet these increasingly difficult demands. As a school set up for the people of Walnut City, we will support our community, its parents and its students to their goal to excellence in our society. At Apache High School, our students shall graduate and be imbibed with wide knowledge and fine character. (142 words)
Apache High School is located in Walnut City, in Arizona less than one mile from the international border with Mexico. It is the sole public high school within Walnut City. The current campus, which opened over 25 years ago, is comprised of several buildings spread out on a campus that mimics that of a junior-college setting. The original plans were for the high school to house up to 1, 000 students. ...
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