Genetic Pedigree

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The representation of family medical history and family relationships in a pictorial manner is commonly referred to as a genogram. The concept was introduced by Monica Mc Goldrick and Randy Gerson in 1985, genogram are currently used in various fields which include medicine, psychology, social work, education, genetic research, genealogy and psychiatry.


From the genogram, one can determine if a couple is married, divorced or engaged. Genograms records family history and allow the genealogist represent complex family trees. Genograms are also very important in portraying that a given person is susceptible to a given disease. Psychologist's use genograms to gather information about their clients. This helps them in counseling. In social work they help in determining the emotional relationship between individuals and the level of cohesiveness of the family members.
Look at ways of promoting different safe and medically sound techniques of preventing the occurrence of the hereditable diseases especially where the genogram shows the possibility of these diseases occurring
Diabetes is a disease characterized by the disordered metabolism resulting from a combination of environment and hereditary causes. Due to these factors, the patient suffers from an abnormally high blood sugar. This is referred to as hyperglycemia. The control of blood sugar in the body is controlled by the insulin hormone and other chemicals. Diabetes results when the body produces less insulin. The common symptoms of diabetes include excessive production of urine, excessive fluid intake, weight loss, blurred vision and lethargy. ...
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