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Infant Circumcision

According to Schoen et al (2000), evidence indicates that in the first year of life uncircumcised infants have at least a 10-fold increased risk of UTI; a circumcised infant has approximately a 1 in 1000 chance of having UTI in the first year of life, whereas an uncircumcised infant has a 1 in 100 chance.
The Soweto study, conducted in South Africa, found that circumcision reduced the risk of men contracting AIDS during heterosexual intercourse by about 65 percent. Circumcision prevented six to seven out of 10 potential HIV infection stated by Astor (2005).
Studies suggest that circumcised males may be less at risk for syphilis than are uncircumcised males. Genital ulcers related to STD may increase susceptibility. A probable biologic rationalization for this association in that the mucous surface of the uncircumcised penis allows for viral attachment to lymphoid cells at or near the surface of the mucous membrane, as well as more likely minor abrasions resulting in increased access to target tissues.
Schoen et al (2000) stated a successive study indicating only a 3-fold greater risk of penile cancer in uncircumcised men unreasonably combined lethal invasive penile cancer with carcinoma in situ (CIS). ...
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Neonatal male circumcision is a prophylactic surgical operation which offers medical benefits supported by evidence based studies particularly in protecting against urinary tract infection (infantile), human immunodeficiency syndrome, sexually transmitted disease and penile cancer.
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