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Research Proposal example - Health Care Services in Oman

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Research Proposal
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Efficiency and effectiveness of health care services in any nation is the vital component that ensures the health of its citizens. Oman is the country in the middle east that have given serious attention to its health support systems from early 1970s. From the state of just 2 hospitals and 13 physicians across the whole nation in the year 1970 it has now reached a state of one of the most efficient in the health care delivery and financial management as per the report released by World Health Organization (Middle East Health, 2005)…

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The specific case of Oman gives a very attractive picture on the government support for the public health care delivery systems. The government support exists for 95 percent of all hospitals functioning in Oman. This would cover the human resource support extended for employing doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff in the hospitals. In addition to the political will and the financial support ensured to carry out the set objectives the active involvement of the community another important factor that have helped Oman to attain new heights in the health care services. The survey reports available have showed a public satisfaction level of 70 percent in the delivery of health services thus showing high level of acceptance in the programmes.
The broad aim of the research is to investigate the role played by the community groups to percolate the health care support and delivery to the remote locations and also to the underprivileged in the society.
The community based interventions in the health care sector in Oman is said to have contributed in the success achieved in the ...
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