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Models of Leadership

& Angelo K., 2004). This factor is the key in leadership.
There are a number of leadership styles that are proposed in various books journals, periodicals and the internet. In this paper, only some of them are discussed very briefly as it is not possible to discuss each and every leadership style also these are discussed briefly so that these can be applied to the selected organization in much more detail. But are these styles of leadership actually followed in the organizations today
To look into the practical application of the various leadership styles, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of computer hardware components, Softech Company is selected and leadership styles followed at two different levels of management are discussed and analyzed. There is an in-depth analysis conducted on the style of leadership that these managers follow and the way they deal with their subordinates and what influence their subordinates have through their personalities.
For the purpose of analyzing the application of leadership, Softech Company was selected. The company background and rationale for selection is discussed later in the paper. ...
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Leadership does not involve just taking the charge and asking others to follow whatever the leader says. This was the old concept of leadership and is not applicable at present. Presently, leaders are people who have the courage and enthusiasm to step into a really difficult situation and then quit with making a visible positive difference in the organizations (Robert K…
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