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Chemistry Practical Assignment - Copper carbonate

Take the given CuCO3 and weigh around 0.2 gm to the nearest to 0.01 gm of it in a test tube.
Carefully tight the cork fitted with a delivery tube on the mouth of the test tube and use sealant to close the leakage if any in the tube. Filled a water tray and fill the graduated cylinder with water, cover it and gently invert the graduated cylinder and bring it down so that its mouth of it is just beneath the water level in the filled tray. Ensure that there is no air bubbles at the time of putting graduated cylinder and it is fixed with the help of clamp. Put the delivery tube inside the mouth of the cylinder so that the air is passed to the inverted graduated cylinder. The experimental setup should look like as shown in figure-1 (Decomposition of copper carbonate, n.d.) and by putting the sealant material minimize the leakage from the corners and through the cork.
Now heat the copper carbonate gently with a burner (Thermal decomposition, 2007). The gas so formed is passed to the inverted graduated cylinder (Decomposition of copper carbonate a, n.d.). As soon the formation of gas bubbles stops, immediately take out the burner and keep the graduated cylinder perpendicular and take the meniscus reading and find out the volume of water displaced by the gas. ...Show more


The important thing for finding the correct equation is that the volume of one mole of gas at NTP is 22.4 liter and using this equation we can back calculate the mole or mass of carbon dioxide formed from the copper carbonate used for the experiment (Determining the Correct Equation for the Decomposition of Copper Carbonate, 2003) and hence find out the correctness of the eauation provided.
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