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Write a two page summary about psychologist Erik Erikson.

He later came up with his view regarding the blossoming of the personality of an individual.
Erik Erikson held the view that man had to pass through numerous stages, to attain full growth and development. According to his view, about eight different stages helped man attain his full growth. This was an improvement and a diversified opinion, as compared to that of Sigmund Freud's.
Erikson is often described by the adjective, Neo-Freudian, since his concept was an extension of that of his mentor and yet, had its distinct quality. His theory of personality is a generic description of human life and the different stages it evolves through. Here is a list of the stages of man's life, as illustrated below
4. Competence - Industry vs. Inferiority - Around age 6. Child comparing self worth to others (such as in a classroom environment). Child can recognize major disparities in personal abilities relative to other children.
5. Fidelity - Identity vs. Role Confusion - Teenager. Questioning of self. Who am I, how do I fit in Can be observed through cliques one sees at a high school, eg - nerds, preps, emos all dressing the same.
6. ...
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Erik Erikson is one of the big names in the field of psychology and in the area of developmental psychology. He is the psychologist who coined the term, "identity crisis". He was born on June 15th of 1902. As a child he was subject to undisclosed and closed communication, since he was the result of an illegitimate affair his mother had had.
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