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Essay example - CE Marking

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The project is on CE Marking and the role and responsibility of an engineer towards the company or the employer he is working for. CE marking is a conformity mark which is essential for all manufacturers and authorised representatives to meet all the basic requirements of European Directives in the European Union…

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Whenever in a conflict between any of the social responsibility and their responsibility to their employer they are quite clear about the strategy they should opt. The project too suggests a few guidelines to resolve any such conflict. Among various responsibilities of the engineers a few are to look into the EU Documentation and Standards, technical consultation, compliance testing, technical documentation, product registration, company-internal self-certification process and many more.
Then there are various CE marking related issues, its objectives and the difficulties faced by the manufacturers in the process or due to any of the discrepancies. So, the project caters to all the above mentioned issues as well as the role of engineers employed by the manufacturers in the whole procedure.
CE Marking, also known as CE mark, is a mandatory conformity mark to be put on the products which are placed on the single market in European Economic Area (EEA). The affixation of the CE Marking on the product which is placed on the market or put into service means that the product meets all the necessary requirements of the relevant European Directives. ...
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