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Prevention of Wound Infection

Hands must be decontaminated with alcohol based product after contact with body fluids, excretions, mucous membrane contact, no intact skin contact, or wound dressings as long as hands are not visibly soiled. After contact with a patient's intact skin (as when taking a blood pressure) it also should be used. When it is necessary to move from a contaminated body site to a non-contaminated body site, before caring for patients with neutropenia, before putting on sterile gloves for inserting catheters, when helping with any procedure, and after removing gloves. Hand wash between every patient, when hands are visibly dirty and when cannot tolerate alcohol based products (
Standard precautions should be used with every patient, whether there is infection or not. The tenet accepted here is that all patients are colonized with some organism which you do not want to carry to the other patient (Edmonston, Krepe, WIlson,, 2008). Using standard precautions means the use of gloves, and other barriers when necessary and Hand Washing. It also includes proper handling of patient care equipment and linen, environmental control, prevention of injury with sharps, and how patients are placed when admitted to a facility. When it becomes necessary, standard precautions must move to isolation precautions.
Isolations precautions are determined by ...
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The principle agencies involved in setting guidelines for prevention of wound infection are the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). More recently many more agencies have gotten involved. The prevention of infection in the hospital has become a major issue as infection increases morbidity and mortality…
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