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Researcch paper on human geography topic Olympic tourism and economics - Essay Example

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Olympics, more than for being "the" mega sports event of the world, is also highlighted for its immense tourism and related economic potential, which more often than not falls considerably short of general expectations and estimated predictions.
Olympic-induced activity forms only a very small portion of the total economic activity within a host community…

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Researcch paper on human geography topic Olympic tourism and economics

When tourists return home from Olympics, people back home hear stories of their experiences from them and form opinions or change their existing opinions about these countries, which may motivate them to visit these countries. Foreign tourists create an impact of major economic significance. The greater the facilities in anticipation of the Games, the greater will the number of tourists who visit the country to watch the Games. A city gains an awareness and an image by virtue of hosting the Games, which "is a very important Olympic legacy" (Preuss, n.d., p.3). The transfer of a city's image occurs through information from media reports, direct communication from tourists, advertisements and personal visits. There is also some negative impact of Olympics on tourism which is more often than not overlooked. The Games may persuade a certain group of tourists to stay away from the host city. Preuss (n.d., p.7) classifies them as avoiders, time switchers, changers, and runaways. Avoiders are tourists who would have visited the city but for the Olympics. Time switchers are tourists who want to visit the city but would choose another time. Changers are residents who would prefer to take their holiday and leave the city at the time of Olympics. ...
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