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Education and Life: A Personal Statement

I see the achievement of my nursing qualification, and working in a hospital or other health care facility, as my goal. This educational program would take me further along the road to meeting that goal. Life experiences have taught me that I can do much for others and that I have a great capacity for putting my beliefs and learning into action. In particular, during my high school years, back in 1992, a terrible disaster struck our village. Within a week, an outbreak of meningitis, common in Ethiopia in the dry season before the rains, killed many relatives, neighbors and friends. Children were left orphaned, elderly people had no family to care for them and mothers wept for their dead children. I can still see this, as if it only happened today. Those of us who survived took on the burden of care and I realized then that I could make a difference. There was work to be done and I took it upon myself to do a good job. I worked with an organization whose name could translate to “We have survived to help you”, and though I had no special training, I took on the responsibility of helping and advising my fellow students. I led fundraising events, going from place to place, and finally became vice president of the organization, which has since become one of the prestigious community aid agencies in that area. ...
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As vice president, I was responsible for involving the young people in thoroughly cleansing the village, as it was believed that lack of hygiene caused the disease to spread…
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