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Employment Consultant - Essay Example

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The literature review would broadly describe the topic and relevant details to be studied. The literature review also describes the methods that were used to carry out the research. A brief description of the methodologies used for the research is also covered under literature review.

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Employment Consultant

An employment consultant is the link between a job seeker and the company where a vacancy exists. The consultant has the unenviable job of not only matching the skill sets of the applicant with the position, but also to judge the mental make-up and socio-psychological responses of the applicant in different situations. A highly qualified and well-experienced person might be unsuitable for an opening because of his temperament. On the other hand, a lesser qualified person, but with a different temperament might be right for the job. Not everyone is capable of managing people. The person needs to be outgoing, be able to perceive the unspoken needs of the clients and co-workers. Similarly, not everyone is suited for research. A candidate might have the required qualifications, but no desire for knowledge or curiosity. In my opinion, a lesser qualified person, but with an intense desire for knowledge would be better suited for the job.
Thus, it would not be only the degrees and certificates that need to be verified during an interview, but also the attunement of the candidate for the mentioned opening. The social background of the candidate and exposure to various situations also holds a key to the candidate's behavior under different life-situations.
Then again, there could be gender differences. Aspirations and dedication to different kinds of jobs could be different in men and women. ...
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