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Essay example - Medical Image Marketing

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One of the greatest bottlenecks in the medical imaging, reporting, and archiving process is the transcription phase, where dictation is painstakingly transcribed to written text. RadWhere Voice Recognition software greatly improves this process by going directly from the spoken word to the type written report, which eliminates the transcription phase…

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Reports are ready immediately, which reduces turnaround time and greatly increases the ability of the radiologist professional to self-edit reports. In one study, turnaround time was reduced from 20 hours to less than 6 hours. For the ordering doctor and the patient this means a quicker response to time sensitive medical issues. For the hospital and administration there is a cost savings involved over the traditional hand transcription, as it eliminates the need for contracted transcription services.
RadWhere can be customized to utilize individual radiologist templates as well as a standard template set. It has an accuracy rate of 99 percent and is compatible with a wide variety of accents and foreign dialects. The ability of the radiologist to self-edit markedly decreases the time from the imaging to the final report, and the archiving and retrieval versatility makes the report available to large scale integrated systems (Industry-wide Focus on Cutting Transcription Costs).
Computed Tomography (CT) Scan is an x-ray technique that uses digital imaging to create and reconstruct cross-sectional pictures of the heart. This system is used by doctors in the identification and treatment of heart disease and abnormalities. Traditionally, viewing inside the heart could be accomplished by cardiac catheterization, a slow and invasive process. ...
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