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Case Study example - General Planning Process

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High school
Case Study
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In this paper, we will apply five steps on "General Planning Process" (1. recognizing the problem, 2. defining the problem, 3. developing alternatives, 4. evaluating alternatives and 5. implementing the best option) to a WEB design studio to increase it's perfoemance and to resolve the recently occured problems.

Extract of sample

After full analysis of the performance of the company, the analysts found that one of four project managers has lefted the company and since then the company has failed to accomplish around seven projects which totally worth around $30000 dollars. Having no control of managers for these projects, has caused the wrong assignment of web designers, web developers and web programmers to the projects which has caused an average of two weeks delay on project delivery.
There are three ways that can be applied to the problem, first is to ask some of the developers that have no manager now, to leave the company. Second, is to ask the remained managers to have the control of the projects that have no manager right now, this means that three left managers should have the power to control seven more projects per month. The third and last option is to add a new manager to the company.
The first option, will not help the company to re-gain the lost income since it only asks the additional work force to leave the company. The second option will force a more work pressure to the managers.Even if we consider that they they will do their best, they need to be paid more because of the more work they do. The third option is the same as the second option in costs to the company but it has less pressure on the quality of work.
The owner of the company decides to choose ...
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