Employment Law for Animal Care & Service Workers

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In an ongoing journey towards economic stability and prosperity, social awareness opens the consciousness that people need to interact with others in order to grow. The dream is only imaginary if one refuses to acknowledge recognition of the equal opportunity of the most important people who partake in the economic struggle with their own bare hands; the employees.


Better employment laws shall serve to provide legitimate guidelines for the allowance of a healthy working atmosphere for both employer and worker. Other major economic competitors have incorporated these inclusions into their prevailing national laws to adapt with the current flexible trends in the employment system. Legislators and capitalists are enjoined to work hand in hand to promote a better future for its workforce thereby allowing a broader expansion of Australia's economic goals.
In 2005, the Howard Government and the Australian Parliament launched the Workplace Relations Amendment Bill 2005 "Workchoices" guide that announced series of amendments to the Australian Labor Law. Effective last March 2006, the Workplace Relations Act 1996 took effect despite heavy protests from the labor sector and equally heavy expenditures. The Australian Labor Party and the Australian Council of Trade unions had originally described the amendment as "sugar-coating a poison pill" and a "representation of the old package". The Howard Government countered that reforms were necessary as step in the deregulation of the Australian economy. ...
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