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Marking Mix

The main challenges are limited distribution facilities and narrow market. This, product diversification has been used to dispose of by-products and to capitalize on a company's research-and-development efforts. In fact, the diversification of a product line has been a basic way of achieving long-term market survival. If one considers the rapid technological advances that are being made and the new products being developed, then diversification does not become an incidental or peripheral activity, but a pivotal activity worthy of vigorous and sustained pursuit. The Temperature Sensors are safe for users, so any ethical or social problems are exist. If the company starts to sell this product in other regions, it should ensure that Temperature Sensors are suitable for different temperature regimes and can be used in countries with severe weather conditions. Also, it is important to product Temperature Sensors with scales and marks on different languages so target population can easily read and understand the product information.
Gray leaf spot resistant is a new chemical product aimed to protect vegetation from gray leaf spot disease. This is an improvement of existing products. ...
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Three products selected for analysis are Temperature Sensors (Lebanon), Gray leaf spot resistant (Lebanon) and Ramadan Iftar Box 2 (Lebanon). Temperature Sensors is an additional product to the exiting product line. The uniqueness of the new one is that it proposes users more benefits and opportunities to monitor temperature in different premises…
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