American History (Manufacturing during the pre-Civil War)

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1. "A Marble Monument to Cruelty" by Ray Sprigle is about the lives of Negroes in Georgia told firsthand by a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter. He immersed himself in the Black community and learned the truth behind racial discrimination. He met a rich Negro dentist named Dr.


The writer verified 3 times from the three hospitals, he never received any response. (Undercover: 'I was a Negro in South for 30 Days' ).
2. Tulsa Race Riot Panel Recommends Reparations by Renee Ruble recalls "one of the nation's deadliest racial clashes", a 1921 rampage by a white Tulsa mob that killed as many as 300 people, most of them black. The Tulsa Race Riot Commission recommended for reparations to the survivors and victims of the said racial clash. On May 31, 1921, a white lynch mob clashed with blacks who were protecting a black man accused of assaulting a white elevator operator. Over two days, white mobs set fire to homes, businesses and churches in Greenwood, a thriving black business district known at the time as the Black Wall Street of America. When the smoke cleared, the area lay in ruins. (Published on Saturday, February 5, 2000 by the Philadelphia Inquirer
3. The People's Party in 1894 foresaw a decline in the country's national life. When the country did have a crisis in 1896, it sought to find answers to the problems that arose believing that the crisis could be solved by restoring to the country the constitutional control and exercise of the functions necessary to a people's government. ...
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